Thursday, September 20, 2012


Papermakers of Victoria has an exhibition coming up at Open Drawer, I delivered my two pieces yesterday and Yabbers worked on putting our piece together for the show, I will post some preliminary pics soon. I am about to head off to the US, my eventual destination being the IAPMA, Friends of Dard Hunter meeting in Cleveland at the Morgan Conservatory but I'll be visiting San Francisco, New York, Boston, Washington, Cleveland, Cincinatti and maybe Chicago and Toledo. It takes a lot of organising but I'm getting there!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Butterflies and keepsakes

Back in late January on return from holidays I noticed that a couple of my daphne bushes were looking very sad, I think they had got wet feet, one had died and the leaves on the other had gone very yellow. What does a papermaker do but steam the stems and cook up the inner bark then stick it in the fridge!
A healthy daphne
The stems in the steamer
The stripped stems
Two hours later the inner bark ready to cook
Sheets of coffee chaff paper. Last year I was sent a big box of coffee chaff,
I cooked some up and washed and made paper without any beating.
The backs of my sheeting couching cloths, the coffee paper shrunk quite a lot.
The third lot of sheets that are part of the keepsake exchange for Watermarks 2012, FDH and IAPMA joint meeting in Cleveland. These sheets are bluebell flower stems courtesy of Beverly Bennett who brought a giant bag of dried stems to the last Papermakers of Victoria meeting laminated with well beaten cardamon stems and leaves from Margaret Mason's garden. Koala, kangaroo and wombat signs were made from gaffer tape to form stencils.
As usual I have gone over the top my keepsakes are taking ages to put together, they have daphne, then coffee chaff then the laminated cardamom and bluebell (scilla), I have done about a third.
I have a bit of a butterfly theme happening at the moment, yabbers are making a range of butterflies for the PoV exhibition that's to be held at Open Drawer in November. I have made these with black card and coloured New Zealand Flax, I liked them so much I decided to frame some. 
Papillon Three, is currently on show at the Contemporary Art Society Members Exhibition at 314 Church Street Richmond until 16 September 2012

I have used butterflies on books and cards
I also made some origami butterflies out of paper I made from recycled teabags, I had asked the T'Arts to save me some teabags then remembered how well teabags work with photocopy transfer using oil of wintergreen. This pic shows the original butterfly and the transfer onto teabag and the paper that was under the teabag.
Lemons on our tree
Lemons again transferred onto a piece of silk that Ruth left under the teabags she was collecting for me.
Pulp Fiction my contribution to Book Art Object Edition Four