Thursday, July 31, 2008


The Papermakers of Victoria exhibition 'It's Only a Paper Moon' is almost over, it has gone really well with lots of visitors and a few sales. I got a notice in our local paper and the Whitehorse one too, I hope people weren't offended that the articles were all about me. I did give others the opportunity to send their own press releases.
Here are some gallery shots:- Two of my pieces are in the background here.

Two views of the Yabbers piece. Another of my pieces is in the background of the back of the yabbers banner.

My Time and Tide piece is in the front of this cabinet.

Ladders to Fire 2008

I'm working on paper for a project I intend to submit for 'Shared Journeys', next year's PoV exhibition and have just finished making the paper from the hemp for the Higher Ground Gathering in Kuranda. The raw hemp was not breaking up in my beater was just getting very stringy so I took it to Box Hill and put it through the Valley beater and it came out almost overbeaten. The first picture shows a stack of the raw hemp paper with some paper made from hemp fabric and the second picture has the light shining through the paper.

I've also popped in a picture of Daughter and dog, just for fun.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Books

Sorry it has been so long between posts, I guess I've been too busy with this and that. I've nearly finished putting together the Women's Art Register Bulletin and should be working on the IAPMA newsletter at the moment. Instead I am writing this and playing scrabulous, GRRR.

I have made a couple of books lately and intend making another one for the Noosa show, the theme is Back to Basics and at first I wasn't going to enter but now I have decided on a book similar to the one I've made for the Southern Cross Uni book show. The book is called 'Sand Stories' and is based on a simple star book with a few extra folds. On our recent holiday I took lots of photos of the bubbles in the sand made by a small crab Scopimera inflata. I felt that they could be interpreted as text. Here are some pictures of the completed book.

The next book I'm going to make will be the same format but will feature a picture of this apple pie I made for the purpose of the book, What we do for art eh!

My copy of 500 Handmade Books arrived yesterday, what a treat. I have flipped through it and then studied about half, I was very pleased to see that many of the books featured had some handmade paper. Last week I received my copy of Beater Finesse for the Paper Artist put together by Catherine Nash, what a great resource that is going to be. My Handpapermaking magazine also arrived in the last week and I'm in that too, what a week!
We had Yabbers last week too and here are the popup postcards that were sent. Mine is the one made from magazine on the left , it was my mockup for sand stories and I hadn't sent it through the mail but the one I sent didn't arrive so we included it in the exchange.