Monday, April 11, 2016

April and workshop prep

My gelatine printing workshop that is happening in May is already full so we are scheduling another one for August. Check the Papermakers of Victoria website for details. I am also teaching a beginners paper making workshop on the 24th April.

As a result of our T'Arts meeting last month thanks to Lin, I have been trying out some new ideas and have had a lovely play today with some new tools and ideas for gelatine printing.

letter stencil

Cake decorating stencil

Print on greaseproof paper, text written in reverse with shaper tool, spiral cut from laminated paper, pastry brush and picture cut from magazine.
After my last workshop I had a couple of armatures that I had made but instead of covering with gauze and dipping in kozo I decided to use some paper that I made from the hemp and cotton that came from Bangladesh. I love this fibre it recycles so well and the resultant paper is extremely strong.

Bowl with balls (work in progress)
Close up of the balls, each will open to reveal a book.
Book pages to be, pulp painted, the colour is from the coloured sheets
The hemp and cotton paper from Bangladesh thanks to Liz
Other side of the first of the book pages gelatine printed