Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Only days until exhibitions and workshop

Since I last posted our state has been torn apart by bushfires, there were devastating ones a fortnight ago with over 200 deaths, they are still burning and new ones started yesterday. What a crazy country this is we haven't had any rain in the south for what seems like months we could really do with some to help the fire fighters and up North they've had record floods across vast areas of Queensland and Northern NSW. If only some could find its way down here.

With only days to go until our exhibition I thought I should post a couple of pictures and the invitation. I will be on duty on Thursday and Friday 5 & 6 March so if anyone is in the vicinity of 69 Smith street I'd appreciate a visit. Zoe and I are still working on a few things but the show is coming together at last, looks like being a busy couple of days coming up though. Tomorrow I'm off to Papermakers Studio space at Coopers Settlement in Bundoora Park to beat up some fibre and give one of the other papermakers some tips on using the two beaters we have out there. Zoe is coming Friday and Saturday to put finishing touches to the exhibits then Sunday I'm going into the city to unpack Shared Journeys then pick up they key for 69 Smith Street Gallery.

Here are lots of pictures of one of the books in the show, I loved the way some of the sheets scrunched up so just had to make a book, it doesn't have a title yet but I guess it will by this time next week.

We have done a lot of cyanotypes and some gum bichromates of this bird and lots of other photographs of birds, nests and eggs.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Busy time

I have been very busy lately with editing the Women's Art Register bulletin and preparing for my March exhibition and workshop as well as documenting the postcards coming in for My Paper My Land. It is drawing close to the cut off date so they have been coming in in droves. Yesterday I photographed about twenty which I plan to post asap and today there were another dozen in the mail. It is going to be a great show.