Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cards again

Before going away last week for our 30 year anniversary I spent a day making some cards, getting ready for some classes I'm teaching later in the year and maybe thinking a bit about this years Christmas cards. I've got heaps to do before I get too carried away with Christmas cards though and while we were away my mum had a fall which resulted in her going to Hospital and looking like spending up to six weeks there and at rehab.
The first picture is of the cards I made for a possible kids card class, the angel has one inside which flies. I hope they inspire some children to have some fun with their cards.

The next lot are a range of cards incorporating various casts I've made over the years with some handmade and some other paper including a couple of pages from one of the books I bought at Kazari a while ago. I discovered that if I fold a paper tissue into about 8 then wet it well and press it into my plaster mould it will hold together as a cast.

Next is a series of photo cards including photos taken on King Island and at Werribee Zoo.

This one is a piece of mixed plant fibre papers couched together.