Thursday, November 26, 2015

Alcove Christmas Sale

 The Alcove Art Shop is holding it's annual Christmas Affair at the Box Hill Community Centre for the next couple of weeks. it opened on Monday, I haven't seen it yet but am on duty this Friday evening and again on Wednesday next week so hopefully there will still be some bargains left for my Christmas shopping. I finally got around to putting some books together using Gelatine prints, cyanotypes and some batik papers.

cyanotypes on hanji for the covers and random cyanotype on the outer pages of each section, paper inside is zercal

Gelatine print on handmade paper for covers and on outer pages of each section, paper inside is zercal

Batik on handmade paper covers zercal pages with hanji surrounding every second section

I was invited to be part of 'Camberwell on Canvas' an exhibition that is held in shop windows around the Bourke road hill. I entered one other time when the theme was 'What you like about Camberwell'. This year the theme was tied in with the shop where the work is displayed. The organisers supply a blank canvas for each participant. My shop is a Malaysian restaurant called Masak Ku (my food), I visited one night to try the food and come up with an idea for the work. Just inside the restaurant is a fish tank with some beautiful tropical fish, I took some photos with my phone and made negatives and positives of a couple of them. I wanted to connect the fish with the restaurant and felt that the Malaysian kite Wau represented Malaysia. I made the kite shape from some non slip plastic sheet with little blobs all over then drew on it with permanent marker and tied some thread to the ends and left space for the negatives. I used hanji coated with traditional cyanotype chemicals for the image then glued it to the canvas. I called it Wau ku, my kite. It is currently in the window of Masak Ku, 732 Burke Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124.
Wau ku Cyanotype on hanji