Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beginners Papermaking Workshops

I have a couple of papermaking workshops coming the first is two days at Meeniyan Art Gallery on Thursday and Friday 12 and 13 April and will cover recycled and plant fibre papers. The second will be held at Bundoora Park, Victoria on May 26 and will be an introduction to hand papermaking. Leave me a comment or email if you'd like to book for either workshop.

My newest book, made for the Box Hill Community Arts Centre's Exhibition Discarded and featuring photos of many discarded televisions and other items.
Obsolete mixed plant fibre tunnel book

The papers made by students at Clunes Primary School as part of a Bug Blitz project, now pressed and awaiting postage to Clunes for the students to work on and send back to me to bind.


I am a member of a group of textile artists who meet monthly to share their experiences and since I was hosting this month's meeting and it coincided with the International Edible Books Festival I threw out the challenge to the group. Here are the results.
The Turning by Tim Winton
Gail Stiffe: besan flour pikelets with beetroot chutney and ham

Gluten Free Muffin
Gail Stiffe: gluten free muffins and icing
There's a Hippopotamus on my Roof Eating Cake by Hazel Edwards
Ruth Hotchin: Chocolate pastry and cake
Dyeing to Eat
Jan Horner: mountain bread with food dyes, and celery (bound with celery string)
Green Asps and Ham with apologies to Dr Seuss
Gail Stiffe: asparagus and ham, piano hinge binding
Give us this Day
Lin Hughes: bread, salmon, asparagus, mayonaise, currants, bound with chives
Sue Bishop: bread and fillings
Ye Olde Herbal
Denise Leslie: Mountain bread, cheese, ham, gherkins, bound with chives
Di Warwick: savoury biscuits, quince paste, cheese, spinach, teabags and kitchen string