Monday, October 4, 2010

Geelong Forum

I am just back from teaching at the Geelong Forum where I had the smallest class of all but we had lots of fun and my students produced some fabulous work. Now that I'm back I have to think about (and do some work for!) The IAPMA Bulletin and Newsletter and the Valda Quick Biennial Paper Arts Exhibition which I am co curating and need to print out the invites. The first posted piece arrived today, it is going to exciting to see the work as it comes in, I'm hoping to collect a lot on Saturday at the PoV meeting.

I've given up trying to pictures here after wasting half a day then loosing all I'd done so here is a link to some pictures from my class and to the displays of a few of the other classes at the forum. Carol Barton was also teaching there and she has some photos from the forum on her blog

My books arrived back from the Melbourne Show today and I discovered that the book that won the best in bookbinding was my Eastern entry, a concertina with feathers.

The book I made after the Glen Skein workshop got first in the art books section.

Now back to work! I still need to finish off a couple of pieces for the PoV exhibition though they are mostly done and I have a few more workshops to prepare for.