Friday, June 29, 2012

Japanese Name Stamp Workshop

Last Saturday I went with seven others to Ebisu Design, the shop and studio of Japanese Calligrapher Miho Araki for a workshop organised by Papermakers of Victoria.
We started the day by drawing thin and thick lines with the Japanese brushes the Miho came around with some ideas for our names, some of had plenty of options, I was able to chose from three options for G, two for AI and three for L (or ru). I ended up with 'myself, flow, great'. While we had lunch Miho designed our names that we transferred onto eraser and cut out.
A very happy group at the end of the day!

My stamp and some of the first sheets of lines.

We also painted lots of bamboo.
The final activity for the day was painting onto cards and positioning our stamps, the touch of red really lights up the card. Some of us got carried away and started on the envelopes as well.
I was so enthused that I bought some brushes, I already had a few and since we learned that the brushes need to be stored hanging down I needed a system. I went to the Op Shop and bought a wooden toilet roll holder with a flat top (for $2), then I started looking for something to sit on the top. At the second Op Shop I found a wooden plaque that also cost me $2. I came home and drilled a hole in the middle of the plaque and screwed it to the top of the roll holder. I then screwed some screws part way in spaced around the edge of the plaque so now I have my brush holder, now where to store it???

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Museum in Turkey

One of my books was purchased from IAPMA's Faszination Papier Exhibition in Germany by the Ege University for their new museum of Paper and Book Arts that was opened this month. Here is the flier with my book on the front page!