Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Belated Blog - Finding Content workshop with Marama Warren

Where has the month gone, here it is nearly November and I am writing about a workshop I participated in back on the 12th and 13th of September. A small group of us gathered at the Stables for a workshop titled Finding Content that was facilitated by Marama Warren and put on by Papermakers of Victoria. Marama introduced herself to us and talked a bit about her life in the fast lane as a writer and publicist then she set us off on some creative writing challenges, we had to sit and write without thinking for 10 minutes, no taking the pen off the paper. She called them 10 minute dashes, we then did one use our non preferred hand (much slower). She then helped us individually to put together something from what we'd brought with us. I had lots of my jelly prints plus a handmade pulp painted concertina that I felt needed something more.
I didn't complete anything during the workshop but was inspired to come home and put a few pieces together, I had a bit of time the next day but then it was nearly a month before I completed these works in the series Connections all featuring gelatine prints in some way.

Connect Concertina Handmade recycled and plant fibre
Connect Concertina Handmade recycled and plant fibre with gelatine prints

Connect Concertina Text a quote from John Muir

Covers digital prints on book cloth

Connect woven concertina 
Connect slip case

Connect flag book

Connect flag book

Connect Waterfall Book
A few weeks after the class I had a small group of people come to me to learn paper making and then some simple books so I made another waterfall book and a concertina woven structure. For this lot I used some of my paste papers.


woven concertina