Monday, March 20, 2017

Paper is: Leaves

I have been having a great time with some abaca that I beat in the valley beater for 7 hours. It took two trips to Bundoora but it is such a wonderful fibre. This particular piece uses wire embedded between two sheets of fibre. The longer you beat the pulp the more the paper shrinks. The area braced by the wire becomes taut while the rest shrivels.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Paper is: Circulation

I have nearly finished my most ambitious piece for the exhibition next month at Mont de Lancey in Wandin. I've called it Paper is: Circulation playing on the title of the exhibition and on newspapers and the spots and other circular imagery in my spherical books.

When I took these photos I had made six books with cases but decided it looked better with an extra three so I have now made nine books and have nearly finished the cases and I've used each of the colours of the hemp paper that came from Bangladesh and has been living in my studio for around a year.