Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paper boats and Amanda Degener workshop

The three boats I posted off to be part of Joanne B Kaar's project in Scotland. There's a mix of plant fibre papers, marbelling and dyed paper both with natural dyes and with synthetic.

My sample book from Amanda's workshop

Sample on the left is stencilled with indigo or walnut mixed with wallpaper paste, the one on the right is pigmented paper dyed with walnut on belgain flax paper.

mix of indigo and walnut, walnut crackle and multiple dips in indigo

Walnut and indigo

Indigo, rust and walnut

Cyanotype with alkali, rust and walnut
Michelle has started a blog for the congress the address is

Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Nesting, Aussie book workshop and Yabbers postcards

Most of Nesting is now at Lumina Gallery in Malvern and in Nowa Nowa as part of Twitter. Here are some pics of it at Lumina.

And here are a few pics from the Aussie Fibre book workshop, held in conjunction with Shared Journeys exhibition at Victoria University in Melbourne.

Yabbers are continuing with postcard exchanges this year, here are two I've received, the top one features solar printing and the bottom knitting and crochet for texture. On our gallery walk in March we saw a really interesting show at Dianne Tanzer Gallery of knitted artworks by Dana Harris so decided that our next postcard should include knitting or crochet.

I made my piece from some paper I bought at the Congress from Mary Hark.

In the plane on my back from Burnie I started making paper string,

Thanks to Lee I held the ends of the paper together with safety pins, saved a lot of tangle.

I then knitted it with a couple of my stripped blackwood wattle sticks.

Then the problem came, how to post it? Here is what I came up with, I hope it arrives safely.

Friday, April 3, 2009

What a Congress!

This post will be mostly pictures because I've got too many other things to do but I've been wanting to get this up for a week now. The IAPMA Congress was held in Burnie this year and I went over for a week. I arrived a little early and was able to sit in on a class Helen Heibert gave on making lampshades to locals and also one given by Therese Uguen to school students on making paper kites.

Helen demonstrating and one of the kites I made.

Helen was opening the exhibition 'Switch' by Tracy Luff so we met for a chat the day before. In the photo from the left me, Tracy, Helen and Jenny (Events manager, City of Burnie)

Tour of Creative Paper One of the beaters and their super press.

The backs of some of their large moulds and the drying room.

A memorial to Charles Turner who was intrumental in getting Creative Paper started.

Some pics from our trip to Cradle Mountain Park.

I did a mini workshop with Wendy Cain from Canada on Contemporary watermarks.

Some of her watermarking sheets, fine plastic mesh with puff paint. The couching bed with wet/dry vacuum

A piece of polystyrene, a chopping board, open plastic mesh, 3 sheets fly mesh the chux, worked a treat as a small vacuum table.

The string makers

Barb moulding some plant fibre on fabric dipped in plaster.

A few shots of the farewell dinner

The auction items!

I scored the Maple leaf in the bottom right hand corner of the bottom right picture.

We tried to get the PoV members together for a group photo but we missed a few, I was meant to photoshop these two in but it was beyond my capability so here they are and sorry to any who missed out on being in the pic.

My case, I just squeezed in the 400 sheets for the next IAPMA Bulletin covers, then a thin layer of clothes.

The bottom of the case was full of catalogues and books.

I also did a workshop with the Women from Euraba, these are the very ordinary sheets I made, they had much better control over the pulp.

Some of the things I brought back.

The invitation from Wonju, South Korea to the next Congress.

The goodies we got in our congress kit

The Cavalcade (designed and made by Jan Marinos and Creative Paper) and some of the contents