Monday, July 11, 2011

Not Happy Jan!

I have been wanting to make a piano hinge book held together with knitting needles for several years and still haven't come up with the solution. I've previously made a book of Granny squares held together with crochet needles and a book of cast bricks held together with carpenter's pencils, a rainbow book held together with coloured pencils, a book of children's games held together with pop sticks but the knitting book has so far alluded me.
Here is my first attempt!

Lots of knitting but the joining not resolved.
Second attempt, the joining was resolved but the result was big and floppy and ugly!

I have an idea on how to resolve it, let's hope the result is an improvement on this one. I do like the red and purple gingerlily paper and the red and purple yarn but just not together as they are. I knitted seven triangles and left long strings at the start that I used to spell out some knitting language between two laminated sheets of paper.
Let's see maybe it will be third time lucky!

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