Sunday, March 25, 2007

crochet and preparing for class

It's morning and we had an extra hour last night so I have some time b4 I head off to my class. I've covered a full set of boards for one demo model and have one set for the other partly covered so that I can demonstrate my method of covering boards. I did a bit of a panic last night about whether the books would take the whole day so I prepared enough boards so that they could do a second 2 page flipper if we finish too early. I still need to prepare some lunch to take with me so can only spend another 5 mins here, at least it is stopping me from playing patience. Bonus 1!

I'm in the process of making a series of piano hinge books with different things for the hinges, I've done, pencils, crochet hooks, icypole sticks, skewers and am now working on knitting needles. I decided that I should knit some samples to press into paper and I started using some wool I got from the op shop but it was 5 ply and has taken me ages to get a piece big enough for 1 page. Last night I came up with the brilliant idea of going to the op shop again and buying some handknitted jumpers with different patterns thus saving lots of knitting.

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