Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wht Book Mark 1 complete

It is about ten days since my last post. I had a good day on Monday, finished off the book for wht and framed up a couple of cyanotypes and made a prototype for a cyan hand book. The pictures show the wht book as it is today, the grass has started to brown off a bit and even though I made some holes in the book I need to let more air in because of condensation. I think I'll get one of those clear rubber stoppers that are self stick.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Wht book two weeks

The grass has been growing for two weeks now and has reached the top of the container (a plastic fish tank) I'm planning to work on the book part today. I've also been doing some cyanotypes but it looks like rain today so I might have to hold off until we get a bit of sunshine. At the moment I'm beating some denim to make some simple book covers with tough paper.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

wht book - Thursday

I haven't been able to post for about a week, not sure what the problem is.

Here are yesterday's photos of the wheat grass.

And here are Monday's. I like the way the top sheet is floating on the grass.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Friday, May 4, 2007

Dream Diaries and bundoora Exhibition

At last I have finished the series of dream diaries for the Mirboo North show. I'm quite pleased with the results and must go back to my ink man to get some more of the cream paper that I used inside.

Yesterday I started work on something for the bundoora show. When I was out there I took some photos of the iron work on the side of the house. I converted them to Grey scale and upped the contrast and I plan to use them in cyanotypes. I thought it might also be neat to combine cyanotype with pulp painting and cast images so yesterday I spent most of the day carving a plaster block and rolling thin pieces of bluetac which I stuck onto some flyscreen. I'll try it out today with some denim and white pulp.
I also made up my blue box (not perfectly) and have discovered that about a third of my sky bowls are too big for the space so I need to make some more before I use up all the denim pulp. There's another job for today!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

wht book begins

Well here it is the first of May, well in my time zone anyway. I took some of my books to Katy's school yesterday for a show and tell and a bit of a lesson in very basic binding for her year 12 Studio Art Class, she's trying to inspire them to get some work done for their folios.

My home class on Sunday went well, we took a little longer than planned but both made very competent coptic journals.
The pictures are of some paper I made a couple of weeks ago, the start of my work for the txt exhibition at Artisan books. This is to remind me to get on with it since I need to have images and entry form in next month. I've had some thoughts about what I'll do for Bundoora too though haven't made a start as yet. I want to get stuck in and do some cyanotypes, I've been making a bit of paper with hercon and am thinking of combining pulp painting and cyanotype and maybe some embossing as well.