Tuesday, October 29, 2013

new work

Some new books


And cards featuring cyanotypes

And an artwork for 'Camberwell on Canvas', runs from 14 November to 1 December 2013. The piece is called Cinema, coffee, clothes, culture, Camberwell and consists of a series of lino prints on discs of paper made from cotton and plant fibre. The background paper is made from yukka and daphne bast fibre.

Monday, September 23, 2013

recent publications

I have some work in a few recent publications. IAPMA has produced another book of members work and this time 261 members participated. Copies are available by contacting Eva Juras but if you are in Melbourne contact me at president@iapma.info and I can arrange delivery, I am getting some sent to me that will be for sale through Artisan Books. You can see some more images from the book here.

I also had work in the East Gippsland Art Gallery artist books award 'Books...beyond words, Revolution. Here is the catalogue and my page in the catalogue. 

This one has been out for some time but Lark Books produced 500 Paper Objects and three of my pieces were included.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A few new books

I made the first two books as models for my bookbinding workshop that was held in Colac on the 13th July. This one is portrait and a mix of Coptic and Celtic binding, the covering paper is some that I made and dyed in a workshop with Amanda Degener when she came to Australia a couple of years back, this one is dip dyed in indigo.

This one is landscape and is a straight two needle Coptic. The cover paper is Belgian flax, dip dyed in indigo and walnut, also made in the class with Amanda. 

This is the one I made in class as a demonstration model. I had materials for 8 people(including myself) but 11 arrived so we had to share the materials and I realised pretty soon that two books was too much to aim for so my demonstration model covered both stitches. The cover of this one is some scraper paper I made a while ago with acrylic paint on cartridge.

And the class showing off their finished books at the end of the class!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Exhibitions and workshops

I just realised it is over two months since I posted, I have been off the grid because we have had builders here converting two rooms into a bed and sitting room and totally changing the bathroom for disabled access so that my 92 year old mother can move in with us. She is currently in independent living in a retirement village and although she is reluctant to move she realises that she is struggling with preparing meals and other things. I have sort of been the project manager running around chasing after all the bits and pieces. It is now 99% finished and looking good.

The move also means that I have had to sort out all my STUFF that was jammed into one of the rooms. It has hurt but I've thrown out lots of artworks from my 30 odd years of producing and others have been jammed into plastic crates for storing in a couple of sheds in the backyard. I nearly have my workroom back, there are just a few things to find homes for and maybe a bit more to discard.

Meantime I have been preparing for some workshops in Colac that may go ahead, I am beating up some denim, after three days it is nearly done! I have also beaten some calico and another load of mixed quality papers including abaca and cotton rag. I am also teaching plant fibre but in my clean up I found a box of fibre cakes that I had stored several years ago.

Last week I got in and made a few books that are covered in book cloth and decorated with pieces of some old pulp paintings that I was reluctant to discard. I will be taking these to the Alcove Art Shop for the Winter Delights Exhibition. 

I have done a few cards, still with butterflies, these may be the last! Some of these papers were in timber light shades I made years ago and recently pulled apart so they are recycled in a different way.

I have also been invited to be part of this exhibition at the Highway Gallery in Mt Waverley.