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Monday, June 24, 2013

Exhibitions and workshops

I just realised it is over two months since I posted, I have been off the grid because we have had builders here converting two rooms into a bed and sitting room and totally changing the bathroom for disabled access so that my 92 year old mother can move in with us. She is currently in independent living in a retirement village and although she is reluctant to move she realises that she is struggling with preparing meals and other things. I have sort of been the project manager running around chasing after all the bits and pieces. It is now 99% finished and looking good.

The move also means that I have had to sort out all my STUFF that was jammed into one of the rooms. It has hurt but I've thrown out lots of artworks from my 30 odd years of producing and others have been jammed into plastic crates for storing in a couple of sheds in the backyard. I nearly have my workroom back, there are just a few things to find homes for and maybe a bit more to discard.

Meantime I have been preparing for some workshops in Colac that may go ahead, I am beating up some denim, after three days it is nearly done! I have also beaten some calico and another load of mixed quality papers including abaca and cotton rag. I am also teaching plant fibre but in my clean up I found a box of fibre cakes that I had stored several years ago.

Last week I got in and made a few books that are covered in book cloth and decorated with pieces of some old pulp paintings that I was reluctant to discard. I will be taking these to the Alcove Art Shop for the Winter Delights Exhibition. 

I have done a few cards, still with butterflies, these may be the last! Some of these papers were in timber light shades I made years ago and recently pulled apart so they are recycled in a different way.

I have also been invited to be part of this exhibition at the Highway Gallery in Mt Waverley.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bugs and Books

This coming Tuesday I am heading to Clunes for a Bug Blitz Day. The whole of Clunes Primary School will be participating in various nature activities like biodiversity assessment, honey tasting, bird watching, aboriginal knowledge and papermaking. Since the theme is bugs I decided to make some new buggy stencils for pulp painting, I hope they're not too freaked out by centipedes and spiders!!!
Last week I picked up some papers for recycling and discovered lots of envelopes and matching paper for cards and since I'm right out of cards I decided it was time to get a few made. I already had lots of cast squares that I'd decorated in different ways (workshop samples from a couple of years ago!), so I combined then with some squares of hanji and here are a few.

Box Hill Community Arts Centre has its annual discarded exhibition starting in a week or two and since the sub theme this year is Paper Cuts I felt I should participate. I traipsed around the suburbs taking photos of hard and garden rubbish noticing just how many televisions were on nature strips so I decided to make a tunnel book, I made the paper from mixed plant fibre (garden waste!) and printed the photos and text on. Here are a few pics. I called the book 'Obsolete'.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Book and card swap

We had our Yabbers breakup on Wednesday and exchanged Christmas cards so here they are.

This one is mine, I was lazy this year and bought a punch and am using up lots of coloured papers that I made for the books I put in 'Opus', the decorative paper (purple and gold) is some scraper paper I made as a sample for my Tassie workshop.
Tricia's star card
Antje's using some of the silver star shapes we got from Reverse art a few years ago.
Marie white paper with geranium petals
The Collection

Last Saturday was the final Papermakers of Victoria meeting for the year and those who participated received their five books that were part of the book swap, there were 17 participants this year who each submitted six Christmas books (this year we were requested to avoid using red and green). One of each book goes to Papermakers archives and each participant receives five books by other people. Here is my collection. I don't know all the artists but will label those I do know.

The collection.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting closer and rusting again

Last week after I'd made the paper from the white that fell on the ground it came out looking very grubby so I decided to rust it and some thread to bind the book I was planning last week. I finished that book off last night and all the chooks seem to have suffered no ill effects from consuming lots of paper pulp, the eggs seem to be OK too!
Here are the pieces which were destined for cards and a bit lower on the page you can see the cards themselves, about 4 sheets were OK to keep white but I quite like the rusty look anyway.

rusted paper and thread, the top one is cotton the bottom linen
The finished book bound with linen thread

Photo album made as a demo for Bairnsdale workshop and completed this week.

Book cloth cover with window of Korean Hanji

Inside, each photo page is protected with a sheet of translucent paper

paper brooches just back from CAS show

card with hanji and japanese paper

Card with hanji and some papers bought back from Japan

Rusted card with sample from Geelong workshop antiquing

Rusted card with sample from Geelong workshop graphite and shellac

Card with sample from Geelong workshop
graphite and shellac with acrylic paint sanded back

Card with sample from Geelong workshop watercolour and irridescent medium

Card with sample from Geelong workshop graphite and shellac with acrylic paint sanded back

Card with sample from Geelong workshop  irridescent medium