Tuesday, August 26, 2008

noosa and 4 words 4 paper

I missed out on getting into the Noosa Show this year. This was my contribution, the theme was Back to Basics and My take on that theme was to go back to a basic nursery rhyme as my theme but I needed to have some text. I called the book 'Foran 20' for 4 and 20 blackbirds. I made a pie and photographed it for the basis of the book.

My latest contribution for 4 words 4 Paper is a gatefold book of two sections, the cover was a sample piece to be framed but I chose two others in its place.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Some Success, IAPMA and Aussie Plant Book

I found out the other day that my book Sand Stories was acquired by Southern Cross Uni. I got it done just in time since I am without a printer at the moment. My lovely Pixma has died, I'm hoping only temporarily. I need to get it to a repairer since we've tried all the obvious things and I'd just bought a full set of ink cartridges!

On Wednesday Marianne and I went down to the Australian Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne. That was in preparation for a workshop I am running in March next year. The plan is to collect at least twelve different native plant fibres and make paper from them then have participants bind them into a book interleaved with paper made from eucalyptus and cotton which will be printed with information about the plant and about the paper and how it was made. The books will feature a piece of Australian timber in the binding. We have a team of people making the paper, I'll be doing acacia bark, tree fern, bluegum leaves and one other.

Anyway the gardens were great, here are a few pictures of the water feature including some wonderful patterns made by the foam.

The wattle was absolutely gorgeous and these grass trees looked great.

And the wonderful sand garden!

I sent off my forms yesterday for the IAPMA Congress in Burnie and have now started working on a piece for the Exhibition Old Land, New Paper. Here are some of the parts on my old trusty trampoline. It's not too hard to see where the inspiration came from although i must admit I only think that now and I need some olive green!