Saturday, March 24, 2007

First blog and Jacob's ladder workshop

Why am I doing this? Will anyone read it? Do I have enough time to keep it going?
At the moment I am preparing to teach a Jacob's ladder workshop which is happening tomorrow. I have pre cut all the card and have made a couple of sample books. I still need to start covering some of the cards so I don't have to spend too long while at the workshop.
I'm also beating an old flannette sheet in my Hollander beater, I want to get it well beaten so that I can make paper with watermarks. I'll use it with some of last weeks jeans pulp to make some small bowls as part of my contribution to the yabbers collective project. I have lots of projects on the go at the moment probably too many. I've made some pretty good progress on the IAPMA bulletin that I'm editing, am thinking about a book show for the Craft Vic windows and thinking about works for the Bundoora Gallery Exhibition.

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