Thursday, March 29, 2007

sky bowls

Here are the first of the skybowls and their moulds. Yesterday I made some white with blue, and will stack them inside each other blue, white, blue. the white is cotton from flannelette sheet and blue is denim, both beaten for over six hours in my Lander beater. They shrink quite nicely around the rice bags.
I had trouble sleeping last night, was thinking of a way to incorporate some fabric covers onto my books. Suzanne asked if I'd go to Lumina one Sunday at the end of May and demonstrate something for a group of embroiderers using fabric. I thought I might be able to make a pouch and slip in a piece of light card to make a cover for an exposed stitch binding. I could use the buttonhole setting on the machine to make the slits for the stitching. Sewing has never been my strong point, I related very strongly to Dineke's comment in the Deckle Edge which arrived today, I too was a bit of a failure at form 1 sewing, my teacher could tell that mum had finished my work that had to be handed in, I can't remember now, she might have even done the whole thing. Any way I'll have a go some time soon, I've got a few more things to get out of the way before then. I need to make some gift card folders and some more books before mother's day for Lumina, Alcove and Mirboo North. I want to start on the paper with flowers and seeds for wedding bomboniere but need to make some more pulp and I feel I should use up the denim and cotton first. They are just suitable for flat sheets, watermarks or for pulp painting not for using with the knitting since they both shrink too much to emboss well.
too many projects not enough time!

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