Monday, March 26, 2007

Jacobs Ladder workshop 1

The class yesterday went well, just enough time for everyone to successfully complete a Jacobs ladder and two two page flippers. The pictures from the workshop were taken by Yvonne Gray.

Today Dorothy came over and made some denim paper while I finished off the blue with red and yellow pineapple fibre. Then moved on to the pulp from the flannette sheet, I added precis so that I'll be able to use the paper for cyanotypes. I scanned some photos of clouds and inverted them to use for cyanoptypes. I've emailed them to Mike so that I can print them with his laser printer onto clear acetate. I'm thinking for the yabbers project to make little cloud bowls and a small concertina with cyanotype clouds. Today I made some circles of well beaten denim with clouds of white sheet and have wrapped them around little bags of rice wrapped up in stocking. I'll photograph when they are dry.
I've nearly finished the bulletin, I'm just waiting on the editor to write her bit and a couple of other people to do a little, then I can send it to be proof read then off to Russ for a final look over before it goes to the printer. My idea for the cover is to have the title on a separate piece of paper which slides out but I might have to rethink that because it will involve cutting out 400 shapes like a double ended arrow then cutting a slit in each cover and feeding the title through. The paper for the covers arrived today from Peter Thomas in the States, made out of cotton and US currency, a range of pale greens with flecks.

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