Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Knit book resolved

Now I am happy with Knit. I made the sheets by knitting triangles of fluffy yarn and leaving a long thread with which I spelt out knitting text like knit, purl, slip, psso, k2tog. I made one sheet of well beaten dyed ginger lily then positioned the triangle at the end of the sheet, spelt out the word then couched another sheet on top. I let it dry so that it shrunk as it dried. My first attempt at the book had the pages joined together with the knitting but I wasn't happy with the result so pulled that out, cut out all but a little bit of the knitting, damped down the sheets and pressed them. I then folded the sheets at the edge of the text and joined them together with knitting needles. I had little pockets where the knitting was originally and I ended up knitting little strips and sewing them back in there, maybe I should have left them there in the first place and just cast off. All very well in hindsight! I knitted the letters for the title but had to trim the fluff off to make them readable.

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W.C.Camp said...

Ha - that is pretty creative. I had to go back and look at the letters but they turned out fine. W.C.C.