Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yeah! The beater works

Well at last my beater is back working, thanks to David. It is still way too noisy so I don't like leaving it on for more than an hour at a time. I've beaten up some denim, haven't got any plans for it at the moment but I guess something will come to mind. I'm going to try beating some plant fibre without the cover on the belt and if that's a lot quieter I'll see if I can get a larger one made or the one I've got adjusted so the wheels don't bang on the cover.

The Contemporary Art Society has an exhibition on Herring Island and I'm thinking I might put something in, tossing up between books and 2 D work. Closing date is early Feb so I've got a few days to think about it. I haven't really gone back to work yet since hubby is home, next week he'll be back at work and I had better be too.

The pictures are of a butterfly that got it's feeler stuck in one of the flowers of the kapok vine in our backyard. I raced to get the camera then freed the butterfly by tearing the flower apart. We don't usually get such beautiful butterflies in our year. We have a bumper crop of flowers on the Kapok vine this year, I guess that's what attracted the butterfly but the sap is so sticky, must have stuck the feeler. Last year I cut all the pods off intending to make paper from them, I put them in a box in my shed and left them. The box was full to the top when I left it and now it's almost empty, I imagine I'll get lots more pods this year and perhaps this time I'll get to turn them into paper.


Carol said...

Lovely photos of the butterfly Gail, and lucky butterfly that you noticed it was in trouble and came to the rescue. I've been reading many of your posts (for a couple of hours now actually) and I've found so much of interest and inspiration. When you first started blogging you said you wondered if anyone would read your posts - well I for one am a very grateful reader and I hope you realise what a valuable resource you are making here. Many thanks, Carol

Papergail said...

Thanks Carol.
I've had a look at your blog too and I'm wondering if we may have met. Have you been to any of the conferences at Mackay? I would have liked to do Tim Mosley's class this year but have pretty well decided not to go.