Friday, January 4, 2008


I spent a few hours the other very hot day putting labels on all my posts and giving my earlier ones titles other than the day of the week. Learning a bit more about blogging and realizing I've been at it for over six months now. I grouted the new pavers and have put them in position but I need another two times what I've done already to run across the front of the yard and I still haven't pulled the weeds out, maybe when I get back from our short break and before the year gets started in earnest.

My first ever mosaic paver made a year or so ago in a class with Anne Marie Gentile at Box Hill Community Arts Centre.

My letter box with some of the pavers in the background.

A few of the new pavers in position, the weeding still hasn't been done but the top side is the lawn.

When I came back from the Brazen Breastplates class I taught at Geelong Textile Fibre Forum I mosaiced one of the moulds. My daughters reckon we are the only house around with mosaiced boobs in the garden.

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quirkyartist said...

I love your use of colour.