Tuesday, August 28, 2007

books for Bundoora

I have been working on a series of books for the Bundoora Exhibition. The brief for the exhibition is that the works explore the house and it's history. I'm doing two series one is a combination of casting or pulp painting with cyanotype and these will be glued to canvas stretchers.

The books are from recycled paper and I started with concertinas which incorporated the words Bundoora Homestead interspersed with objects from the history of the house like the house itself, a horse to represent the early history, a bed to represent the time the house was used as a mental hospital and easels to represent the current use as an art gallery.

I've made the books from recycled cotton card and joined the pages with glue, then I've coated with rabbit skin glue to give added strength then sprayed through stencils with metallic acrylic paint then sprayed with paper dyes and coated with satin glaze.

I have made two concertinas with the symbols and words and one with the symbols and the house.

I then decided to do two concertinas representing then and now. One has the house in the middle of bush and the other the house stuck in suburbia as it is now.



Then I decided to move to a different format and make a piano hinge book using the sticks left over from Child's Play firstly to show the house through it's history and then

The horses. And then

The house itself!


The Duckpond said...

Wow!! Phew!!


quirkyartist said...

These are totally stunning Gail. I wish I could see them 'in the flesh'.