Saturday, August 11, 2007

India books and cyanotypes

A few weeks ago when we were tidying up for my daughter's return from the US I found some letters that I had written home from India more than 30 years ago. Coincidentally I'd also found a book of Dover mehindi designs which were copyright free (up to 10 of the designs). I printed some of these onto acetate and used them for cyanotypes and I also made some cyanotypes of photos I took in India when I was there. I scanned the letters intending to use them with cyanotype but later decided to print them direct onto my papers. I have glued some of the letters and some plain papers onto canvas as a background for the two cyanotyped photos (the one with the two children is on a pulp painting of the same image made with denim and white cotton.)

I used the mehindi designs in a flag book where the hands wave backwards and forwards as the book is opened up and I've used the letters on the back of the hands and for the covers of the book.

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