Thursday, January 28, 2016

IAPMA, Papermakers of Victoria and paper donation

Early in December Barb was contacted by Liz Z to see if Papermakers would like some paper donated, of course we said yes and I volunteered to store it. Little did I know what I was letting myself in for though I must say I was warned. There are three types of paper mostly made from off cuts from the garment industry in Bangladesh. Lots of lovely colours of silk paper, it isn't paper as you know it but is big enough to use as wrapping paper and would be great in collages. Papermakers is selling the sheets for $2 each, contact me if you are interested in purchasing some.
Some of the silk paper

Some of the silk paper
The other paper there is lots of is this highly textured card made from hemp and cotton, it appears to be mould dried so isn't very dense but recycles beautifully.
Some of the hemp and cotton
Some of the hemp and cotton
Two thirds of the paper in my guest room
I have recycled some of the white and cream in my Lander critter and used the paper for my works that I have proposed for the exhibitions that IAPMA is running in celebration of 30 years. The theme is luminous within and here are some glimpses of three of my pieces.

Detail of Pearl

Detail of Pearls of Wisdom

Detail of Precious

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