Tuesday, December 29, 2015

25 Days of Fibre Paper

 At the start of December Helen Hiebert started a project where she posted on her blog something paper related for each of the December days until Christmas. She called the project 25 Days of Paper and every second day provided instructions for projects and the other days information about different paper businesses.
I managed to keep up with the projects for the first week and a bit but then went to Tasmania for a week and although I took a paper tool kit with me I didn't touch it and when I got home I got too busy. However last night and this morning I was able to complete the rest of the projects.
Here are my 13 pieces all made from plant fibre paper.

Window Star, mixed plant fibre
Abaca Lantern without abaca, left kangaroo paw right mulberry bast fibre

Cut out tree card, NZ flax card with fibre behind cut out

Tyvek accordion lantern, New Zealand flax and kangaroo paw fibre
Ball Ornament large; bluebell flower stem and small; mixed fibre
Gift Tag outer; mixed fibre, inner; Kangaroo Paw fibre 
Luminaria cotton and denim

Luminaria watermarked kozo
Pop Up Card New Zealand Flax and Kangaroo Paw fibre
Peace Tree Card New Zealand Flax
Cut and Punched Lantern Bluebell flower stems
Origami Snowflake Mixed plant fibre (with out the tree bases! forgot to cut them out)
Origami envelope Cordyline fibre
Thank you Helen, it has been fun.

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Helen Hiebert Studio said...

HI Gail, thanks for participating and showing off your beautiful handmade papers! xo – Helen