Monday, February 8, 2016

Workshop Preparation

I am teaching a workshop for Papermakers of Victoria this coming weekend on making Japanese style paper from kozo and making sculptural pieces using an armature so I've been busy last week and this preparing fibre, making armatures, sewing muslin on and trying out my sugeta that has sat in it's box for a few years. Here are a few images of works in progress. There is still some space in the workshop so if you are interested check out the Papermakers website. My stars last week had something about boiling and about cornucopia. I boiled up the kozo bark then have made a couple of cornucopia like pieces so hopefully the luck will come pouring in!

Some armatures with and without muslin ready for dipping in kozo.
Cornucopia made from Muehlenbeckia complex with roughly beaten kozo.
Some samples made a few years ago
My sugeta
 I have a busy few days ahead, straight after my workshop I will be in the city at Fed Square with Angela on Monday running a small workshop making bookmarks that will incorporate gelatine prints. If you are in the city come and say hi, we will be there from 12-2pm.

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