Wednesday, February 8, 2012

workshop prep

I am making some mock ups for the workshop that I'm teaching at Meeniyan on creating artists books based around the Concertina. We'll start with a straight concertina then do another book or two that incorporate a concertina of some sort. I'm giving everyone a set of photos to make a flag book so thought I'd better make a sample. I selected a group of photos taken at the same time of rocky beach and cliffs, I loved the light in these images.
The white backs of the photos looked a bit dull so I made up a haiku to fit (seven backs and seven words in the haiku, perfect!)

Seaside walk,
One summer's night,
shadows play

These pictures are of a very painful experiment, many hours cutting through photo and watercolour paper, ouch! When I was in Hobart last year I saw an exhibition where there were a series of tunnel books but they were just concertinas so I thought I'd try it with a couple of photos and here are the results. To view them properly you need to be on the same level as the book, but they sort of work.

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