Tuesday, February 14, 2012

more workshop samples

The plan is to start the class ( Accordion Play at Meeniyan 24 Feb) with a straight accordion but I worked on this one by adding some popups, the covers are some paste paper on brown paper, Last time I made paste paper I did it on brown paper then at the end of the day spread the paste all over and combed it. It makes really good book covers.

This one isn't for the workshop, it is one of my standard Celtic Bindings, the grey thread is hemp, the black is knitting cotton and the paper is some I made for another project but it's recycled silver paper and black card double dipped.

Another workshop sample, this one is playing with different ways of adding extra paper. I had the straight concertina already, a sample from another workshop, the cover is Kenaf and dyed gingerlily paper pulp painting and the pages are hahnemuhle, the extra bits are cover paper. This one has the coloured bits threaded through vertical slits in the concertina, the two concertinas are the same width.

This one has horizontal slits cut to make popups and the coloured bits fit into the valleys of the popups. This was described in Peter and Donna Thomas' Book More Making Books by Hand, quarry Books 2004

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