Monday, February 6, 2012

weekend activities

I had a pretty good weekend, very social but with a bit of creativity and a bit of oohing and ahhing. First up Saturday was the first Papermakers of Victoria meeting for the year and Dineke is putting together an occasional publication by pulling out all the instructions that have been in the Deckle Edge over the years and we were trialling some of the decorative techniques on different papers.
Cold wax and dye on sewn plant fibre paper
Rust on kozo, handmade recycled and commercial papers
fold and dip in paper dyes on plant fibre and recycled papers
wax rubbing and dye
These four were recycled paper with hercon sizing that had previously had cyanotype then sewing following the lines of the cyanotype, top left rust and tea, right cold wax and dye, bottom left untouched, bottom right folded and dipped (because of the hercon the dye didn't really get taken up).

Sunday was the first 'T'arts' gathering for the year and several of the group had been to India last year and brought along with them some books they'd purchased plus photos of the trip. Ruth also brought along the outfit worn by her Indian daughter-in-law at the Hindu wedding ceremony. The skirt alone weighs 15 kg it is so heavily beaded.
The top
the skirt
the shawl

the hem of the skirt.
Just beautiful!
I also came home with four bags of fabric, mostly furnishings to donate to the group tight knit world who make things for underprivileged children and adults.

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