Wednesday, March 12, 2008

yabbers postcards and CD books

We had a good day at Yabbers today making hemp paper and sewing on postcards. I finally got to beat up the hemp that put my beater out of action last year. I split it into three loads and the first lot I chopped up before putting in the beater. I broke the scissors while trying to cut the second batch so put it in as was and it beat up Ok. We made the paper for our group project for the exhibition then started playing with dropping pulp onto various objects to make really textured paper, it's a technique we learned from Noella Mills, a Queensland artist.

I like using threads and gutter guard as in most of those above. Once they are dry we will paint them with a dark coloured acrylic paint then rub over with 2-3 colours of metallic paint.

The examples above were made by glueing pieces of paper onto card then painting over, they need at least one more colour to bring out the texture.

The CD books we made.

And the postcards, mine is on the bottom left side, I might still add to it before I post it on.


quirkyartist said...

I love the blue & gold. I made blue & gold credit card papers. Did you make them yet? Fabulous for endpapers or for decorative paper for content of artist's books. You are doing such interesting stuff.

Papergail said...

Hi Wendy,
yes I've been doing some credit card papers at the moment for the book I'm doing for discarded. I love them. Once I progress a bit further with the book I'll post some of them.

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