Monday, February 18, 2008

Babies and cards

I don't seem to have been doing much creative work lately, what with sitting at the computer, playing scrabulous(I'm seriously addicted), visiting mum in hospital, putting together the Women's Art Register Bulletin, helping to organise PoV exhibition, editing for IAPMA I don't get much time for creativity. All I've done this week is put together a few cards. It started because there seem to be a spate of babies lately, I bought them all teddy bears and I used some extra bits of the wrapping paper to make some cards.

While I had the glue and everything out I put together a few more.

The ones on the left are done with some paper which has been dipped in rust and indigo with a bit of lace embossed paper on top. The ones on the right have very textures pieces which have been spray dyed on a base of wax resist sheets.

These ones are done with extras of the samples I sent to Catherine Nash to put in the booklet she's putting together to go with the article she's written for Hand Papermaking. The dark red is dyed ginger lily, the paler one is dyed strelitzia and the cream is strelitzia mixed with dyed pineapple fibre.

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