Monday, February 11, 2008

Another week and some reading

It is over a week since I last posted and I'm not sure where it's gone. I have finished putting together the Women's Art Register Bulletin. I just need to take it to Officworks to get copied. I had it nearly done but on Wednesday I decided to transfer it all from word into inDesign. I should have started with it in inDesign, it's much easier to manage, anyway it looks a lot better now. I've had a fair bit of time sitting around waiting lately, on Wednesday I had alcove duty and on Friday sat waiting with my mother in Emergency waiting for her to be admitted into hospital for a bedsore that refuses to heal. I have read a couple of quite different books. On Friday I read 'The Activated Page - Handmade Paper and the Artist Book', something I ordered from the US by Jenny Press. It is a series of questions and answers with several artists who use handmade paper in their artist book making, makes quite interesting reading and made me think a bit more about my books. The book came with several samples of paper and made me realise what a difference a really good press can make to paper.
The other book I've been reading is 'The Unknown Terrorist' by Richard Flanagan, it was a great read but quite scary, reminded me a little of my favorite book I read last year by Janette Turner Hospital 'Orpheus Lost'. I guess they had similar themes; terrorist bombings, paranoia and innocent people caught up in it.

I haven't made any paper now for over a week and I'm missing it, spending too long on the computer. I plan to make some today for samples to go in a booklet being put together by Catherine Nash who has written an article about Hollander beaters for Handpapermaking and asked various people to send in beater notes and images. The article will be in the next edition and may include a picture of my red books. Since it doesn't seem right to post without a picture I've included a couple of my red books which I made in 2006. These books are made from overbeaten dyed strelitzia and ginger lily with watermarks made from blutac.

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Carol said...

Your red books are a divine colour. I sympathise with your mother and the pressure sore - my Mum is going through the same thing right now. Such a cruel thing.