Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sculptural Books Workshop, shaped book and cover

I am teaching a workshop in making sculptural books next week and thought that participants might be interested in making and coving a book with shaped pages. I also decided to set up the pages for sketching by pre treating with some coffee and dilute acrylic paint. I cut the pages from 130gsm cartridge paper, here they are laid out ready for painting.

I dipped some cotton thread in the paints to get a different effect on some of the pages and I used the threads to bind the book.
Here are the pages drying.
And the covers, covered with some scraper paper (another example for the class).
I made pockets inside the covers for bibs and bobs (and leftover scraps of decorated paper)

Then sewed with double needle Coptic stitch using the acrylic coloured threads that I waxed by pulling through a slab of beeswax.


Unknown said...

Oh that is so beautiful!

Papergail said...

thank you.

judy said...

Boy, I'd love to be there in class!

No sense telling you to have fun - it is obvious you are!

Carol said...

That is beautiful. I'd love to be in one of your classes.