Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Upcoming classes and IAPMA

I have been quite busy of late editing the newest IAPMA Bulletin and in my new role as President. The Bulletin is now at the printers so I have a bit of time up my sleeve until it comes time to send them out.

I am running a new series of classes at Ringwood in August and September and have decided this time to feature the following books:
  • 1. Star or Pie book and variations
Using simple folding, cutting and glueing a range of fun books suitable for using as ornaments or surprise gifts will be produced.
  • 2. Jacobs Ladder

Have fun with the Jacob’s ladder format. Gail will show you how to join the sections together so that the book will flip flop like those toys we had as children. We’ll make a six page ladder and a two page magic wallet.

  • 3. Hard cover reverse art book (as in Eco Books)

Using offcuts of fabric and leather a hardcover journal with exposed stitching will be produced.

  • 4. Slip Case to fit previous book

Make a slip case that will be covered, lined and fitted to the book produced in the third week.

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