Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Papyrus collaboration and nest book

Autumn colours for a book project.

Paste paper collage
Yabbers Collaborative book
Within our yabbers group this year we are making a collaborative book from papyrus paper, we've had sessions on making papyrus, on making paper from papyrus and carving stamps. We are making the books at our next session but I have made a start on mine.

preliminary sketches and prints.
My sheets for the collaboration.
Nest Book 2011
The nest book I entered into Faszination Papier was sold so Helene asked if I had another. Luckily I had enough plant fibre papers to make another so it will appear as the exhibition tours through Germany and Poland.

I have been cooking up lots of fibre the last few days, I've done globe artichoke flowers, pumpkin vine, ginger lily, tussock grass and kangaroo paw. I'm teaching a plant fibre workshop at Geelong in a couple of weeks and I need to replenish my supplies of plant papers.


Unknown said...

The top photos looks like lucious abstract paintings. Sure would love to touch the sheets.

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Sorry that first comment was made on my daughter's account rather than mine. I forget that she's computer savvy by now.

The Duckpond said...

Do you need any more kangaroo paws, ksngaroo grass or tussock grass?


Papergail said...

Thanks Cecilia, I'd love some of all if you have. Would you like me to come and collect. I have enough for the workshop so there is no rush.

The Duckpond said...

I'll bring it when I come to do the Bulletin mailout if you like.