Friday, August 13, 2010

More preparations of Geelong and other books

I have been quite busy lately organising a trip to Japan and Korea, ooh I'm going in just over a week. Teaching my Saturday bookbinding class, preparing a presentation on Artists Books and Handmade Paper, which I delivered to Papermakers of Vic AGM last Saturday and will be giving again in Wonju at the IAPMA Congress and preparing for my class at Geelong which is on a week after I get back from Korea. 
As part of working on the presentation I've been rephotographing some of my older books, here are some pics of Greetings from India a flag book with cyanotypes and scans of letters I wrote home from India in the early 70's printed onto handmade paper.

The hands wave backwards and forwards as the book opens and closes.
I forgot to mention I've also made some books for the Melbourne Show. This is my submission for the Eastern style binding section, I collected the feathers when I stayed at my brother's place north of Sydney, had no idea what I'd use them for but they were perfect for this book.

I have also been making more samples for the Geelong class and have made a book which will be my contribution to the 15 x 15 x 15 fundraiser at the Forum. The cover is very textured and painted with acrylics and the pages are Hannemuhle.

I am also trying to finish off some work for the VQ Biennial Paper Arts Exhibition which I am co curating. I am making a book in a box and I pulled out my encyclopaedia sewing frame to sew it together, it is also a practice for the last class at Ringwood, we'll be making a sewing frame and sewing a book onto cords. 
Tomorrow we are doing piano hinge so now I'm off to make a practice one and to finish my red book. And I just noticed I've hit the 10,000 visitors since I started counting, Yeh!

I have been contacted through the Alcove art shop by a watercolour artist to make some paper and looking at her website/blog I saw one of her paintings in one of my books. Her name is Linda MacAulay and she has an extensive site here, My book is in the July blog.


cecilia sharpley said...

After reading your workload I'm now too exhausted to go outside to pull out a weed or too.

NWPB said...

Wow, great works!!!

Papergail said...

There are plenty of weeds around here! Some things just have to give!