Saturday, June 28, 2008

Webpage and Alcove

We had the opening of 'More Spin on Textiles' on Thursday night at the Alcove Art Shop. I was very pleased that three of my scarves sold that night. Might have to make more! I've got plenty on my plate at the moment so I guess I won't be making any more probably until next year. I sent off my application form for 'Into the Fold' yesterday, the exhibition will be held at Artisan Books from the 2nd to 30th August. I also sent off my contribution for 4 words 4 paper on Friday and have been working towards workshop and exhibitions in July, October and March next year.
I have finally updated my webpage for 2008 and have included a page with exhibition opportunities.
Today I have cut up the raw hemp and some hemp fabric so I'll be able to cook up the raw and beat the fabric next week.
One other bit of news is that 500 Artist Books is out, I haven't seen it yet but a friend has and two of my books are in it. I'm hoping I'll get a copy sent to me.

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ainesse said...

Well done on getting two of your artworks into this book i.e., "500 Handmade Books. Probably like so many other artists, I had meant to submit for that, BUT never got round to it. Mind you the past three months have not been a brilliant time health-wise for me although the deadline for submissions for this will have been about this time last year. At that time - I was frantically trying to get my printmaking based installation finalized for sending to Sweden for exhib. So cant do it all!! Its just though, that some projects particularly appeal though don't they. I shall look out for your images in the book.