Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Discards and CAS

I have finally finished sewing the book for the Discarded Exhibition. Almost all the materials used came from Reverse Art Truck. The paper came on a large roll and I used the credit card technique which I heard about on Wendy's Blog and got the instructions from Kelsey. I did some with colours and gold and some with colours and off-white, I think I prefer the latter. My favorite pieces were done with red and blue swiped together then off-white over the top but they didn't end up in the book because I thought I might use them as end papers so cut one sheet in half then decided to go with plain endpapers. I have since made some brooches with this paper but I don't have pictures because I've already delivered them to The Alcove Artshop.

I cut the text out from the back of the sheet for each section and used leather and furnishing fabric for the cover. I used the exposed stitch binding described in an earlier post.

The exhibition is on in a week or two, I have to deliver on Thursday.
I've also done a couple of pieces for the Collectors Exhibition run by the Contemporary Art Society, The Exhibition is on from 5 - 18 May at Steps Gallery in Lygon Street Carlton.
The two pieces I've submitted for selection are Ladders to Fire 2008

and Seduction of the Minataur

Both titles from Anais Nin an author I read avidly in the 70's and both works made up of smaller parts. I have been doing quite a bit lately with pattern, I enjoy the effects you can get by juxtaposing different elements. You saw some of these pieces in their raw state a blog or two ago.

I seem to be committing myself to lots of things at the moment, I just can't help myself - I do like to be busy! I am convening a postcard show to be held in Burnie as part of the IAPMA Congress there and helping to convene an International Paper Show in Melbourne and a Cyabnotype show with another paper artist at the same time. I've also said I'll be part of another project organised by M Squared and need to produce something before May then once a month after that. the words for this month are voodoo, phobia, fool and scribe.


quirkyartist said...

These are gorgeous Gail. I need BIGGER pics to see a closeup of your credit card papers. I'm constantly surprised about how everybody's are so different. Also sorry not to see the jewellery, so if you make more PLEASE photograph it.
I love the textural Anais Nin ones very much too.

kelsey said...

Gorgeous work on your credit card technique papers Gail! Love the white-wash effect over the top. It's so very easy to get addicted to this technique as you just seem to want to try all sorts of colour combo's. I too LOVE the textural ones!