Saturday, December 22, 2007

ornament books

On reading Wendy's and Lee Kotner's blogs about ornament books I was reminded of a book I recieved in a Christmas book swap back when I first joined the online community. It was made by Raven Regan Arts and Crafts in Canada. It was made the same way as the book on Lee's site but had several pages and a bead closure.
That lead me to make a few variations on the theme.
Starting with squares, the pictured book is made from printouts of a snowflake clip art. The clipart had one side blue on white and the other white on blue. When joined together the book has one side blue snowflake on white and the other white snowflake on blue. I made six pages but I think it would have been better with five. The bead on the ribbon holds the book closed and will hold the covers together when the book is open and can be used to hang the book either open or closed.

This is another variation with shaped pages. There are lots of possibilities for this book, here are just a few.

Back in 1998 I made a series of blue pineapple books which were explosion concertinas. I only had a small amount of the pineapple fibre so made lots of small sheets from plain pineapple fibre and indigo dyed fibre, the darker indigo dyed paper was made from pineapple tops and the rest was from fibre imported from the Phillipines.

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quirkyartist said...

Wow these are just fabulous Gail. I don't know which one I like best. I love what you do with the indigo colours too. I've seem other things with indigo on your blog - itajime I think.