Sunday, November 4, 2007

Exhibition Opening

We had the opening of 'Threads, Thoughts and Inspirations' yesterday and it went really well, the show looks good, it's on at Bundoora Homestead Access Gallery until 2 December. We opted for afternoon tea and cakes instead of wine and we ended up with a wonderful spread.

It has been ages since I wrote anything here, I don't know where the month has gone. I have done a bit of bookbinding and have been teaching a class the last couple of weeks, just one more week to then I have a card class. I've been trying to get together a few things for Christmas sales, the Alcove one starts next week, I'm helping to set it up on Monday. I'm also doing some for StLuke, Lumina and Highway galleries. The books below are a new idea, landscape format with the pages held together with a variation of double needle coptic stitch and with leather to protect the spine and to help hold the covers on.

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