Friday, July 13, 2007

Plant fibre workshop

I'm nearly ready for the workshop but I should be out in the cold washing some of the cooked fibre and running a couple of batches through the beater but here I am still at the computer! I need to get on with the IAPMA newsletter but that might have to wait until Monday.

Yesterday I beat the artichoke heads for about 1 hour and half of the Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise plant) for 4 hours, I left the other half for hand beating so that we have a comparison and I wanted some overbeaten for the Sunday workshop where we'll cast over rice bags and make watermarks. I want to beat the tussock grass and the ginger lily. The tussock is ready to go but the ginger neads lots more washing.

I made up a couple of little samples of the artichoke and the strelitzia. The artichoke paper is on the left.

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