Thursday, March 12, 2015

Workshops and Exhibition

I am teaching a cyanotype workshop for Papermakers of Victoria on the 29th March and thought it was about time I added to my blog, I see it has been over two months since my last post. At the workshop we will be making digital negatives and coating some handmade as well as watercolour paper and fabric and will be hoping for a sunny day. The pictured cyanotypes are some of my older works, two from 2007 and one from 2010 and the black and white is a negative that I will use as an example in the workshop. 
Leek flowers, negative
Cyanotype, Clouds over Bundoora 2007

Cyanotype on handmade kozo Nest 2010

Cyanotype and collage on handmade recycled paper Greetings from India 2007
I am also teaching for Fibre Arts Australia in July this year and I have recently made myself a new mould and deckle (making one will be part of the workshop) and used it to make a book for the up coming exhibition being held at Stonehouse Gallery in Warrandyte by a group from Papermakers of Victoria. Thereby killing two birds with one stone as it were!

The River 2015

The River 2015

The River 2015

The River 2015
The colophon for my book, the case/cover is a cut down posting tube.
The River
Gail Stiffe 2015
Extracts from Siddhartha by Herman Hesse 1877 - 1962
Paper a mix of cotton, hanji and wood pulp along with NZ flax and mulberry bast.
Original digital images inkjet printed onto NZ flax paper with archival inks.
Edition 1/2
The invitation for the exhibition at Stonehouse Gallery.


Carol said...

Love your cyanotypes, Gail. I have one of your classes on my long 'to do' list. One day, I hope...

Papergail said...

Thanks Carol