Saturday, August 18, 2012

Artist books

I have spent quite a bit of time in the last week putting together a couple of books on my artist's books using both lulu and blurb. I have interspersed some of the notes that I use in my classes with images of my books.
I did this because we are considering using print on demand for the catalogue for the members show at the joint IAPMA/Friends of Dard Hunter Conference that will be held in Cleveland in October. The first one I tried was LULU and I used the simplest way of setting up the book. I had a few problems with the templates, I would have liked a few more and the text editing had a few problems like automatically making the whole text bold when I just wanted the title to be bold. Anyway I put the order in on Tuesday evening and my book arrived in the mail on Friday, the quality is fine, glossy paper and the images good colour.

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The same night I put together a Blurb book, that hasn't arrived yet. I thought I might be able to exactly the same thing but of course the templates are different aren't they? At least I was able to cut and paste the text and I had all the images ready (not all in the same folder, that would have been too sensible! Anyway here is a preview of the Blurb book!


ronnie said...

ooo how fantastic! I've been thinking about the possibilities of POD - but haven't ahd the time to get into it - you'r blurb book looks a real treat!

Carol said...

Gail, these look wonderful! I started a Blurb book but got sidetracked and it is still sitting in limbo. I haven't tried pOD, perhaps will wait to hear how Ronnie gets on. More pics please Gail.

Papergail said...

Thanks Ronnie and Carol,
This is my third Blurb book it didn't take too long though it wasn't that cheap either 50 pages worked out with shipping $37 for lulu and $47 for blurb. Carol you can see 15 pages of the blurb book I am unsure if you can see any of the lulu apart from the cover but the photos and text are the same just a different arrangement.