Sunday, February 27, 2011

new books at last and a pond of lotus

 Yesterday was a beautiful day and I had my first bookbinding class in Ringwood so went to visit my mother after the class. I had noticed the lotus pond last week when I was there and although many had finished flowering there were still some flowers and lots of the wonderful pods. Here are a few of my favourite photos.

Since I had the class happening and my sister had expressed interest in buying one of my books for a friend I thought I'd better make a few. I have been making quite a bit of this black and white paper, some for the book  I am making for the Bairnsdale exhibition and some for book covers. Thanks to Tricia for the black pulp which is recycled black card and the white is a mix of mount board and cotton fabric beaten in the valley beater out at Bundoora when I was on duty at the end of January. The red is some hanji which came from Korea for an IAPMA project involving making items to sell at the next Wonju Hanji festival, I will be sending one of these books plus a few smaller ones, I made as demos in yesterday's class(Oriental binding).

 I also made a leather bound book using the binding I'll be teaching on the 19th March. The button on the front is a beautiful ceramic button that I bought at the Geelong textile event last year from a Tasmanian artist, sorry I can't remember her name ( I found out it is Te Willans) but you can buy her buttons from 'Open Drawer' the new textile shop in Hartwell.


Carol said...

Oh, all beautiful - the lotus & pods, the black & white books, and the leather book! I'm working on my BookArtObject books (progress pics on my blog) and collecting rusty things with a view to doing some assemblage art. Why I would start another obsession before I've perfected any of the others, I don't know, but my studio is now full of rust, hopefully staying clear of my beautiful paper supplies.

Trace Willans said...

Hi Gail, was that perhaps one of my smoke fired buttons?

Papergail said...

Yes I believe it was, I've now added a link to your blog.