Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Congress

I didn't get a chance to post during the Congress but was able to post the pictures to Facebook in several albums. The opening dinner, day 1 of the congress involved a visit to a forest park and to a sculpture park that was part of an enormous country club (several golf courses, tennis courts, condos, ski runs etc etc) then to the Hanji Theme Park for the opening of the Paper Road Exhibition.  Day 2 started with the General Meeting or maybe presentations (!) and ended up at the Theme Park again where we struggled to make some traditional paper shoes (mine is the small misshapen one). Day 3 was presentations in the morning and workshops in the afternoon, this time I made, well partly made, a lamp.  The next day was workshops in the morning then off to the temple to stay for a day. Part of the deal at the temple was a 3.50 am rise and a walk by the river. On the way back we visited a Hanji factory and saw them making quite large coloured sheets. The final dinner was fabulous with a couple of performance pieces and wonderful drummers and dancers then a Mexican rock and roll band. The next day half the group started on the Post Congress tour and the rest of us went our separate ways, I went into Seoul and stayed with Minyoung and her sister. I went to Insadon and Namdemon market for a bit of retail therapy and the next morning the three of us visited Hongik University where we saw a fabulous ceramic show of work from China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

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