Friday, May 29, 2009

twitter and fitzroy library

On Wednesday night after teaching a workshop all day I went to Fitzroy Library to hang works as a representative of the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria. There are several wall spaces and ten locked cabinets in a hallway. I was able to put up some works that I had dis mounted (the frames are now around other works) but I also made some new works, though I had to do that quickly so I made some collages using a range of papers and digital prints of previous works.

Tesselation is part of a larger piece I made for Natural Connections back in 2002, The twelve pieces just fitted nicely in the cabinet, but boy did I have sore fingers from putting that many pins in a fairly hard material.

Patho Collages 1, 2 & 3, Korea Bowl Collage and Coorong Barrages Collage. Some of the papers were made in the workshop with Amanda Degener, others came out of my store. The backing sheets are half sheets of the Hahnemuhle paper I use for the journals I make, they worked out to be an ideal size for the display cases.

Magnolia, Lillies and Iris pulp paintings from a few years ago.

Arapiles, cast pulp painting.
Margaret Mason visited Twitter a birdy exhibition in Nowa Nowa and she sent me these pictures of the nesting pieces on show there.

Here are some of the other works in the show.

I have been very quiet on the blog front lately, just too busy with other things. I got the IAPMA bulletin back from the printer today, I'm very pleased with it noe I have to get the covers on and samples in. I am also waiting on a DVD of the congress which will be duplicated and posted to all IAPMA members along with their bulletins.


Carol said...

I'm catching up on favourite blogs and have enjoyed your very varied activities. I've been in moving mode for months now but surely there's an end in sight. I haven't made anything or blogged for months but if I can just get my workroom empty of boxes and turned back into a workspace I think I'll be a lot happier. There's nothing like creating to lift my spirits.

Papergail said...

I totally agree Carol, doing something creative is the BEST feeling. I've been slacking off on the blogging too, get caught up with all sorts of other things. Haven't had to pack up to move though perish the thought, I can't even get into my 'work' room as it is.