Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paper boats and Amanda Degener workshop

The three boats I posted off to be part of Joanne B Kaar's project in Scotland. There's a mix of plant fibre papers, marbelling and dyed paper both with natural dyes and with synthetic.

My sample book from Amanda's workshop

Sample on the left is stencilled with indigo or walnut mixed with wallpaper paste, the one on the right is pigmented paper dyed with walnut on belgain flax paper.

mix of indigo and walnut, walnut crackle and multiple dips in indigo

Walnut and indigo

Indigo, rust and walnut

Cyanotype with alkali, rust and walnut
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Jo Horswill said...

The boats are is your sample book from Amanda's workshop...

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

Gail you were right about Amandas workshop, I loved it but most of all I loved her, such a fun and generous spirit.
It was a wonderful class.

stargazer said...

Hi Gail - Great to see your boats! Some friends are getting together in a couple of weeks to make some boats from Singapore! Love the paper you made with Amanda.